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Message From The Governors

On behalf of the Governing Body, I should like to echo our Headteacher’s welcome to new parents and to thank existing parents for their continuing support. I am sure that you will find this latest edition of the prospectus useful and informative, not only now but as the school year progresses.

We are very proud of Camblesforth Primary School. The staff are highly motivated, caring, and professional in all aspects of your children’s education and under the leadership and guidance of our Headteacher, Mrs Maria Stewart.  I am convinced that our children will receive the help they need to attain their full potential, irrespective of ability.

All of the Governors actively support the Headteacher and school personnel in achieving the aims and objectives of the school, whilst constantly seeking to improve standards across the curriculum. As Governors we all have particular responsibilities towards those aims and are frequent visitors to the school.

Our children’s education is an essential foundation stone for the rest of their lives. We are committed to providing them
with the highest standard of teaching and learning so that they receive a thoroughly rounded and totally enjoyable education in a safe, caring environment during these formative years.

We look forward to achieving this with your assistance and support.


Mr I Fenton (Chair of Governors)


The role of the governing body

1                     Strategic

To set the broad strategy for the school’s development by;

Shaping the vision and direction of the school by agreeing its aims and values

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the school and setting targets for improvement

Approving policies and plans to achieve the school’s aims and objectives and to promote the school’s values

Monitoring and evaluating how well the policies and plans are working

Accounting for the school’s and governing body’s performance

2                     Executive

To carry out the governing body’s statutory duties

3                     Challenging and Supporting

To be a critical friend to the school, challenging and supporting the senior leadership team and by demonstrating interest and knowledge of, and appreciation of, the work of the staff and pupils

4                     Sustaining

To maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the governing body by ensuring that members are well inducted, receive appropriate training, and are given opportunities to gain experience of leadership within the governing body.

All governors have four-year term. At Camblesforth we have:

Four parent governors elected by parents. Can be nominated by the governing body*.

Three community governors selected by governing body

Two local authority governors nominated by NYCC

Two staff governors; one teaching and one non-teaching staff. Can be varied*

Headteacher – may or may not elect to be a governor

*Under particular circumstances

All governors are of equal status

Elected governors are not required to represent the views of the electorate

Elected governors are not required to report back to the electorate.

Governing body meetings are strictly confidential - only the approved minutes are available to the public.

Governors are bound by the “Seven principles of public life”;

Selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership.

Governors agree the school financial plan and monitor its implementation, and are responsible for its delivery by the school.

Governors appoint the Headteacher and carry out annual monitoring and evaluation (appraisal)

The full governing body meets at least once per term and has several sub committees which meet on a more regular basis to deal with particular delegated detail e.g. finance, school improvement plan, curriculum and standards, health and safety, amongst others. In addition individual governors often visit school to meet with members of staff, attend particular functions or to hold “conferences” with pupils. It can be a very busy role but is extremely rewarding. Anyone interested in more information or wishing to register an interest in becoming a governor should write to the chair of governors at the school.

Instrument of Government

Click here to download Camblesforth Instrument of Government

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