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School Rules

School rules are extremely important to us and they are there to help make life more enjoyable for everyone as they concern the safety and well being of pupils. They are re-enforced through meaningful discussions and reminders to do ‘the right thing’. Our aim is to encourage each child to have self discipline, self respect, and respect towards others and their property.

  • Movement into and around the school must be quiet and orderly.
  • During school hours, no pupil may leave the school grounds without official permission. Parents may of course collect pupils from classes for medical appointments, etc with prior notice to the school office. Parents are asked to report to the main reception area to notify the school secretary when collecting or returning children to the school.
  • Jewellery is not to be worn except watches and only plain stud earrings if necessary. Children must be able to take their own earrings out before PE.
  • Chewing Gum, Toys, Mobile Phones, personal music players, or electronic game consoles, are not allowed in school unless requested specifically by class teachers
  • Pupils are asked to follow instructions first time, and to raise their hand when asking or answering a question and use an appropriate voice level during school activities. All Pupils are expected to keep hands, feet, objects, and hurtful comments to themselves.
  • The School has an active “no litter” policy which the children and all adults are respectfully asked to encourage and adhere to.
  • Courtesy and consideration must be shown in all situations and behaviour. Any incidents of anti-social or threatening behaviour by adults during school hours will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Any pupils found making marks on walls; furniture etc will be responsible for removing them.
  • No one is allowed to interfere with the property of another pupil. All items of property must be marked with the owners’ name.

The Children are informed of changes or the introduction of new rules during class discussion time and school council meetings. Parents will be kept updated via notice boards, texts, website and newsletters.

All school personnel are expected to help and remind pupils to follow the rules.


Lunchtime Behaviour

At lunchtime, pupils are cared for and supervised by midday supervisors. It is expected that the children will treat them with the same respect and courtesy which is shown to teachers and other support staff.

Midday Supervisors have been trained in helping children enjoy lunchtime play, and have access to a wide range of resources to use during fair and foul weather conditions. The supervisors are also fully aware of the positive approach to behaviour management and use the same reward system to encourage good behaviour, with daily stickers to be earned. They share in the responsibility of endorsing the school rules in a fair and considerate way.

Reward and Recognition

Each week we hold a celebration assembly where in each class a Worker of the Week and Special Person of the week are awarded. A behaviour award is also given to one member of each class. Text messages are sent home so that the child’s family can join in the celebration and be informed of the good news.

On a day to day basis stickers are awarded for good work, manners and even for having a nice smile! Table points are awarded so the children can aim towards getting a treat each week.

So what happens if a child shows unwanted behaviour?

We have seen the benefits of good behaviour and there will always be consequences for negative behaviours.

Children as always will be given plenty of opportunity to correct their behaviour and conform to school and class rules. Each class follows a traffic light system of behaviour. A green board is used for those children doing the right thing. In the event that they do not then this is the process we will go through:

  • The child will be reminded about doing ‘the right thing’
  • If the behaviour continues they will be placed on the amber board. This shows them that they must follow the rules immediately
  • If the child finds themselves on the red board playtime will be missed and they must complete a red card explaining why they have reached the red board. This will be followed up with a meeting with the headteacher and sometimes parents will be informed.

Our emphasis is very much on helping the children to make the right choices and to spend time talking to them to find out the reasons why rules have not been followed. We believe in being good role models to our children at all times.

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