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Attendance, Absence and Illness

Letter from NYCC regarding Absence during term time from September 2013

Every Minute Counts at Camblesforth!

Camblesforth CP School has adopted an ‘Every Minute Counts’ approach to Attendance management.  

All pupils are expected to arrive on time each morning and attend school regularly.  This will enable them to make good progress and achieve their full potential.

In the event of your child being unwell, please telephone the office before 9 a.m.  Messages can be left on the school answer phone.  The office staff will telephone the parents or carers of all pupils who are absent and for whom a message has not been received.  This helps us to ensure the child is safe as well as establishing the reason for their absence.

Parents are requested to arrange all holidays and non-emergency appointments in the school holiday periods.  Headteachers are no longer permitted to authorise holidays in term time.  Should a pupil be absent without the appropriate authorisation, a fixed term penalty (fine) will be issued to the parents.  

Further information about how to request a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances can be accessed by the following link:

Leave of absence request form

Did you know..?

  • 10 minutes late each day = 33 hours of lost learning time each year
  • Children who enter the class late disturb the whole class from learning
  • 90% attendance throughout your whole school life = 1 year of lost education
  • Pupils with good attendance are more successful in their working life
  • Holidays in term time cannot be authorised by the headteacher.
  • Fines will be given to each parent, for each child, even if the parents are separated and only one parent has taken them on holiday

How to secure outstanding attendance and punctuality
Top tips!

  • Get all your things ready the night before
  • Set your alarm clock early
  • Come back to school as soon as you are better
  • Take holidays when school is closed
  • Make non-emergency appointments in the school holidays


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