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School Aims, vision and values

To provide a happy, secure, caring and stimulating environment where all members of the school community can grow in self esteem and develop their potential as human beings, learning together to achieve their very best standards.


Our vision

  • To create an inclusive learning culture which challenges, inspires and motivates pupils to become lifelong learners.
  • To provide a positive and supportive environment that values the efforts, skills and achievements of all pupils.
  • To create an honest, fair and respectful environment that values the opinions and beliefs of all people. 


Our aims

  • We aim to provide a safe and caring environment where every child feels happy, valued and supported. Adults and children support one another and demonstrate concern for others and their world.
  • We aim to develop confident, independent learners. We promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour in an environment where children are encouraged and are not afraid to make mistakes
  • We value creativity within our curriculum, ensuring that learning excites, inspires and captures children’s imagination. Within this we support their spirituality and reflective skills. .
  • All members of our school community are valued and recognised. We value genuine dialogue and listen to the views of children, parents, staff and governors as we work together



  • We value honesty, fairness and friendship.
  • We respect ourselves, others and the environment.
  • We value the right to feel safe.
  • We respect the opinions of others and understand that they may be different to our own.
  • We value and support the efforts and achievements of all learners.
  • We value a positive approach to learning and strive to do our best in all areas of school life
  • We value equality of opportunity
  • We value partnerships with pupils, parents and the community.

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