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Child not collected policy


To ensure the safeguarding of all children, it is essential that the school has a procedure in place for the safe collection of all children at the end of a school day, and guidance for parents in the event of them being late/unable to collect their child.



  • To keep children safe.
  • To ensure that all members of the school community are aware of the correct procedures for the end of the school day.
  • To highlight the importance of maintaining clear lines of communication and up-to-date contact details.



  • The school expects children to be collected at the end of the school day, which is 3.30 p.m..
  • The school gates are opened at 3.15p.m. Parents are reminded to keep the area around the classroom doors clear to enable children to make a safe exit.
  • Children in Key Stage One are let out of class at 3.30p.m. and handed over to their parent/carer. Parents/carers are expected to wait in the playground outside the classroom to collect their child.
  • Children in Key Stage Two are let out of class at 3.30p.m.. Parents/carers are expected to wait for their child in the playground area, near to their child’s classroom.
  • Children may walk home on their own as long as the class teacher has been made aware and the parents have given their consent on their child’s admission form.
  • If the person expected to collect the child is not there, the child will return to the classroom and inform the class teacher. Any child not collected within 10 minutes will be taken to sit outside the school administration office and should be collected from there.
  • Please refer to Guidance for Parents within this policy for the procedure beyond this point.


Guidance for parents/carers in the event of a parent/carer not arriving to collect their child at the end of the school day


As a parent/carer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected at the end of the school day.


Please ensure that the school has up-to-date telephone numbers to contact you in an emergency. 


  • If you are unexpectedly delayed and are unable to collect or will be late collecting your child from school, please contact the school immediately by telephoning 01757 618249
  • If you arrange for another adult to collect your child, you must let the school know the details of that person.
  • If you are unable to arrange for another adult to collect your child then the school will look after your child until 4pm
  • If you or an identified adult have/ has not arrived by 5.00pm to collect your child, the school will contact the Customer Service Centre at Children’s Social Care


If a parent/carer does not arrive to collect their child at the end of the school day and the school has not been made aware of alternative arrangements, school will take the following steps:


  1. The teacher will bring the child/children inside and ensure they are supervised.
  1. Children who have not been collected by 4 p.m. will be supervised in the area outside the headteacher’s office
  1. A member of staff will check with the office whether the parent/carer has telephoned and left instructions or an estimated time of arrival.
  1. If no contact has been made by the parent/carer, the office staff will attempt to contact the parent/carer and the emergency contact by telephone.
  1. Where appropriate, a member of staff will sensitively ask the child whether there is a reason that could account for their parent/carer being late.
  1. Where appropriate, a member of staff will ask the child if they have any additional contact information.
  1. School will continue to try and contact the parent/carer and the emergency contact/s.
  1. If contact cannot be made with the parent/carer or the emergency contact/s by

5 p.m., school will contact the Customer Service Centre (Children’s Social Care).

  1. In an emergency, school will contact the police.


We will not allow your child to be taken home by another adult unless this has previously been arranged by the parent/carer and s/he has given permission.


Copies of this policy will be kept in the policy files in the staff room, administration office and headteacher’s office

Parents will be informed of the policy in the school newsletter and it will be published on the school website

This policy will be reviewed in January 2018, every three years thereafter, by the Governing Body of Camblesforth School.


Date adopted by the governing body: 3.2.15

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