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Camblesforth School Admissions Policy

Camblesforth Admissions Procedure

Anyone considering a place at Camblesforth is invited to come and have a look around.  Please call our school office to make an appointment on 01757 618249 or e-mail us at:

Admission applications must be made to North Yorkshire County Council.  Further information and guidance is available on the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions Page.

Once a place has been secured at Camblesforth CP School, parents or carers will also be asked to complete a pupil details form in school. 

Admission to the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children are normally admitted in the September of the year in which they are 5 years old.

All children regardless of birth date in the year may start full time on the first day of the Autumn term in the September. However, for parents who feel that their child may benefit from a phased part time start, their children may start on a part time basis for the first two weeks.

On occasions it may be appropriate for children, on an individual basis, to have a longer period where they attend part time. These cases will be dealt with individually in consultation with parents.

In order to aid the transition from pre-school provision into school, the Early Years teacher will arrange to visit all pupils at home prior to their entry into school.  The children will also be visited in their pre-school setting.

In Year Admissions

Parents who wish their child to enter the school mid-way through the school year, also need to make an application to the NYCC Admissions Officer.  However, parents and carers are encouraged to make contact with the headteacher at the earliest opportunity so that a transition plan can be put in place to support your child.

What happens if the school is oversubscribed?

Like many village schools, class sizes at Camblesforth vary according to the number of pupils living in the local area.  Although the usual admission number for the school each year is 17, some year groups exceed this number.


Where schools are over-subscribed (i.e. where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available), places will be allocated using the following criteria, in priority order:

  1. Children and young people in Public Care for whom the school has been expressed as a preference and previously looked after children, that is children who were adopted (or subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been looked after.
  2. Children the Authority believes have special social or medical reasons for admission.
  3. Children living within the normal area of the school.
  4. Children living outside the normal area of the school.


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